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David L. Lara

With 36 solid years of government experience, including 15 years at Los Angeles City Hall as the Department of Building and Safety's government & media relations liaison, Lara Strategic Advisors'' co-founder, David (Dave) Lara, is hailed as one of the most creative, resourceful, and respected leading managers recently working at the City of Los Angeles. 

Dave's extensive career positioned him to collaborate and work together with many City of Los Angeles staff members,  developers, investors, and, has earned him the respect of elected officials, local government agencies, and community leaders. 

With almost four decades of distinguished public service, Dave developed a complete understanding of all the complexities and nuances surrounding a wide array of building and land-use challenges. And, he has successfully expanded his governmental arena experience and tactical problem solving skills into a multi-faceted strategic advisory firm that champions building and land-use development investments with innovative problem solving solutions. 

For more detail information on Dave's professional expertise, click on our website's  'About David L. Lara' section.

 Lara Strategic Advisors, Inc. is a 

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Lara Strategic Advisors, Inc., provides development process training, strategic problem solving solutions and advisory expertise for our client's project entitlement, permit, and inspection approval processes; effectively and efficiently advocating building & land development investments.

Are you developing single-family homes, condos, an apartment complex, a shopping center, a restaurant, a gym, an electric charging station, residential / commercial buildings, and/or a land development project? 

For most investors and developers, dealing with local government agencies can be a complex, often expensive, and time-consuming process. The good news is that you can count on the professionals at Lara Strategic Advisors, Inc., to assist you with strategic planning, project management, project development training and project execution solutions.

Lara Strategic Advisors is available, and ready to assist our clients and project teams with planning the pre-development, permit approval, and construction phases of the project. We assist our client's through the course of these development processes and help train the project team to ensure the project is approved for construction and successfully completed 'ON-TIME & ON-BUDGET', which means PROFIT. 

Our team champions our client's project needs by providing innovative strategies and creative problem solving with tactical solutions while helping train our client's on how to navigate these complex approval processes. 

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Lara Strategic Advisors, Inc., specializing in land-use investments and building development projects, government advocacy, expert witness, public and media relations, strategic consulting, technical advisory and community outreach solutions.

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Lara Strategic Advisors' 'Three-C' Commitment is to Provide Our Clients with Credible, Comprehensive, & Clear Strategic Advice While Championing Building & Land Development Investments with Tactical Problem Solving Solutions.


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