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A 'Well Advised' Strategy Is Key...

Lara Strategic Advisors, Inc. is a full-service consulting and government advocacy firm; focused on championing client's building development & land-use investments with tactical strategies and innovative problem solving solutions.
Lara Strategic Advisors, Inc. provides project management, public relations, government agency,  community outreach, strategic communications and process training while interacting with all levels of Government, Investors, and Developers.
We recognize that many properties residing in multiple jurisdictions have complex zoning and building codes, a  history of restrictive permits and affidavits, local geographical challenges, or, are often at the mercy of elected officials and community members with an agenda to limit land use on projects by saying 'no.'  And, although it is uncommon for all these conditions to occur simultaneously, nonetheless, depending on the project location and political environment, the potential for one or more of these conditions to bog-down a project, and severely hinder its economic viability, often becomes a serious reality.  Lara Strategic Advisors, Inc. offers clients effective strategies, with innovative problem solving solutions through the entire entitlement, plan check, and inspection processes, and is committed to providing our clients with strategic insights, accurate, timely, accountable, action-driven information and flawless execution.  
Lara Strategic Advisors, Inc. addresses the complex issues of land use regulations, permit approval, and inspection challenges by collaborating closely with local governmental agencies, while meeting the 'spirit' of their code interpretations and procedures. We explain to you the 'nuances' of how these various agencies operate and what to typically to expect. Through this approach, we not only deliver keen focus and attention to the 'what is,' but we explore the 'what if's' while presenting a tactical, problem solving strategy, setting the stage for creating a 'win-win.' 
Our Three-C Commitment is to provide Credible, Comprehensive, & Clear strategic advice to our clients and their project teams, while providing creative and thoughtful alternatives to maintain our client's projects on track.  
That is why Lara Strategic Advisors, Inc. is Certainly the Clear Choice! planner building department

What Lara Strategic Advisors, Inc. Champions Is:

We Assist Clients and Project Teams with - 

  • Reviewing Land-Use, Property Research & Due Diligence
  • Pre-Development Consulting and Arrange Meetings with Local Government Decision-Makers 
  • A Comprehensive Review of a Project's Feasibility Analysis
  • Government Relations, Advocacy, and Meeting Representation
  • Helping Develop Solid Relationships with Government, Development and Permitting Agencies
  • Improved Coordination and Time-Saving Solutions between Project and Inspection Teams
  • Expert Witness & Litigation Support
  • Media Relations & Community Outreach