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About Our Founder


David L. Lara



David's well-established and impressive 36-year career with the City of Los Angeles' Department of Building & Safety (LADBS) holds an extensive track record of committed success, earning the respect of his management, elected officials, and the public. His devoted public service, professional accomplishment, and ultimately, his proven level of expertise in the fields of building department administration, land-use development, case management, building inspection, plan check, code enforcement, community and media relations, and more importantly, stellar customer service, have been the essence of his notable career successes within the City of Los Angeles.  

Notable City of Los Angeles Career Highlights: 

  • Lead the publicly heralded LADBS/Case Management Unit for over nine years of his City career (now identified as the Development Service Case Management Division and the Inspection Case Management Division). This highly-successful landmark development process tool consisting of both plan check engineers and inspectors which exists today is due in large part to Dave's pro-active leadership, initiative and strategic vision.
  • Served as LADBS' Chief of Government Affairs to the City's Office of the Mayor and the City Council for over 15 years, from 1998 to 2013, where Dave provided LADBS' support for the Mayor's and the Council's constituencies, serving key development projects, and advocating on behalf of LADBS' legislative and budgetary initiatives.    
  • Appointed as LADBS' Public Information Officer (PIO) for almost a decade, from 2006 to 2017, as media relations spokesperson to represent one of the largest departments at the City of Los Angeles, via the news media. Dave brought strategic media communications experience to this assignment and thus, he brought sound media relations and community outreach exposure to the largest Building & Safety Departments.    

City & Labor Union Relations | Collective Bargaining - LAPMA President: 

In conjunction with Dave's executive roles in city government, he served for ten years on the Board of Directors, and as President, of the Los Angeles Professional Managers Association (LAPMA is a bargaining unit within the Service Employees International Union [SEIU] - Local 721), leading this public employee union and representing all the high-ranking managers employed in all departments within the City of Los Angeles’ city government.


Commissioner David L. Lara


City of Whittier Planning Commission Chair:

David is active in his community and presently serves as Commissioner within the friendly City of Whittier Planning Commission, where he continues to play a vital role in supporting the City of Whittier’s land-use and economic development goals.


David Lara - Citizen's Advisory Council (CAC) Member

MTA Board of Directors Appointment:

Furthermore, Los Angeles County Supervisor, Janice Hahn has recently appointed Dave to represent the City of Whittier as a new Advisory Council member of the Metropolitan Transportation Agency's (MTA) Citizens' Advisory Council.  As a new Citizen's Advisory Council (CAC) member  Dave Lara contributes the public's perspective through his land-use, political, and community relations expertise, for all of the MTA’s transportation initiatives in Los Angeles County.